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Second Set

June 6, 1992
Rich Stadium
Orchard Park, New York

Set 2
Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
The Same Thing
He's Gone
The Other One
The Wheel
Throwing Stones
One More Saturday Night
E: Baba O'Riley
Tomorrow Never Knows
Matrix audio synchronization by Voodoonola
Video Source:
Low Gen video (proshot - 1st or 2nd generation) / Standalone DVD Recorder / DVD Decrypter / Ulead DVD Workshop 2
Audio Sources:
SBD DAT/WAV/CE/CDWAV/CDR & SHN (shnid = 14042)
MAD Recording - FOB DFC Audience; 1st Two Songs of Set 1: B&K4011's; Balance of Show: Schoeps CMC32's Spaced Omni's (6' Stand and 8' Spread) / Monster M1000 Cable / Panasonic sv255 DAT Deck 16/48; Recorded by Todd Evans; Edited by: Jamie Waddell; EQ and hard limiting, as well as reindexing disc 3 done by eywood shnid=124862