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Full Show

March 26, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, New York

Set 1
Hell in A Bucket
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Just A Little Light
Black Throated Wind
Big Railroad Blues
Picasso Moon
Row Jimmy
Blow Away
Set 2
Built To Last
Victim Or The Crime
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
I Need A Miracle
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Gimme Some Lovin'
Morning Dew
E:Brokedown Palace
Video: 8mm AUD (Tripod)/JVC SVHS S-9500U VCR/I.DEN IVT-7 Time Base Corrector/Datavideo DAC-100 Analog converter/Adaptec 4300 Firewire card/Dell 2350/Scenalyzer Live 2.1/TMPGENC
Audio: 24 track SBD (shnid=8508)/Healy Mix/C/DAT/CDR/SHN
Capture by Spyder9 Studios
Audio synchronization & DVD authoring by MattMan
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