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Full Show

June 30, 1984
Indianapolis Sports and Music Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

Set 1
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf 6:09
New Minglewood Blues 9:24
Dupree's Diamond Blues 17:40
Far From Me 25:10
Brother Esau 29:49
Lost Sailor 34:44
Saint of Circumstance 40:54
Deal 47:56
Set 2
Shakedown Street 58:12
Playing In The Band
Terrapin Station
Playing In The Band Reprise
Stella Blue
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night
E: Day Job
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Audio Source 1: FOB MAC (Sennheiser 2 ME-80's & 2 441's 12th row center/sony d-5)/
WAV/SHN (shnid=18559)/WAV/Vegas 6.0d
Audio Source 2: SBD/MC/DAT/CDR (shnid=2542)/WAV/Vegas 6.0d
Video editing, audio synchronization and dvd authoring by MattMan
Post production video editing, audience audio synchronization (added to the SBD portion), and Deshaking by Voodoonola
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